Values - 21 Training

Our Six Values ​​Are: Active, Helpful, Fast, Competent, Accessible, Trustworthy.


We seek solutions rather than problems.

We take responsibility

We show initiative

We solve the task – on time


We want to ensure people safety in their everyday lives.

We go one step further

We share our knowledge

We take pride in being thoughtful and caring


We move out, instantly and decisively, whenever people are in need.

We have control over the situation

We are flexible but focused

We do the right thing – the first time


We continuously do our utmost to maintain and improve our skills.

We improve our skills as the organization grows and meets new challenges

We always deliver the item

We are determined to learn and add new layers to our competencies


We are still available and ready to help.

We’re here to help

We are friendly and accommodating

We are responsive and friendly


We repay the trust of others by always keeping our promises.

We are to be trusted

We encourage open dialogue with colleagues and the communities we serve

We are reliable, determined and considerate…